➵ What to do when your bored!!!

Everyone eventually gets bored. The worst part is when your bored of being bored. So today I am here to give you guys 5 things to do when your bored.

  1. Binge Watch!!! So this is a well known thing to do when your bored. Find an amazing TV show (check out my top 5 Netflix shows) and binge watch 🙂
  2. Start your own blog… Its really easy and fun. If it doesn’t work out than just delete your account theres no harm in trying.
  3. Text your friends an organise a big get together. Go over details and what you’ll do, it can be really fun and it makes you get excited.
  4. Re-arrange your room. Move your furniture around and de-clutter. Go on the internet and find some cool DIY’s for your room!!
  5. None of you will probably do this but try and get ahead in your school work. It can take stress off your shoulders and it will give you less work to do later on.

So there it is guys, some things to do if your bored. Hopefully you guys tried some of this stuff and if you did tell me in the comments!!! Also if you started your own blog leave your username in the comments so I can check it out!!!

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➵ Best Netflix TV Shows

Hi guys, so today Im gonna write about my top 5 all time favourite TV shows on Netflix. It’s a wide range of different genres as I am into a little bit of everything and hopefully you guys will find an awesome TV show that you really like 😉

  1. Vampire Diaries : Vampire Diaries is a fictional Tv show about Vampires, Werewolves, Doppelgangers, Hybrids, Witches and more. Its absolutely amazing and I LOVE it!!
  2. Super Natural : Super Natural is a thriller TV shows. It follows to brothers across the country as they fight evil spirits, demons and much more.
  3. Gossip Girl : A show about a bunch of rich spoilt kids who struggle to all get along. P.S. its amazing!!!
  4. Teen Wolf : Sort of like Vampire Diaries there are werewolves, werewolf hunters… well you can see where it might go pear shaped.
  5. Heroes :  This TV show is about random people around the world who all have special abilities. They unite together in order to save the world from its end.

So thats it guys i hope you found some of these TV shows helpful and will enjoy them. Say in the comments if you watched them and if you liked them or not!!!

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➵ How To Have Cute Notes

Everyone wants to have those note goals, but who actually knows how to make them. Sure you can sit down & look at millions of images on pinterest of amazing notes, but it takes hours when trying to figure out how to set out your work from images. So I am here today to give you guys tips and tricks on how you too can have those fabulous looking notes.

The best thing you can have when doing notes is a felt tip pen. They make a massive difference!!! You also want to pick out a theme colour, as you can see in the image above my theme colour was pink. Another thing that makes a world of a difference is sticky notes, they add more colour and brighten you page!!!

So getting started, you want to have a cute font that you do your titles with. You can pick whatever font you want however it is recommended that it is different to your normal hand writing. In the image above I have used a sort of bubble writing.abc

Once you have established what font you will do for your titles its cute to put triangles around it as you can see in the first image. However for your subtitles you can use a coloured highlighter that matches your theme.

Everything else from here is pretty simple. Use cute arrows for dot points and use a coloured pen to underline/write important information. Have one coloured sticky note per pg (otherwise it will look a bit crowded).

Also, its really cute/fun to put in your own doodles!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I hope you guys liked my first post and leave ideas and things you would like to see me do in the comments! I hope you found this useful in some way!

➵ Lushes Life xxx