➵ Best Netflix TV Shows

Hi guys, so today Im gonna write about my top 5 all time favourite TV shows on Netflix. It’s a wide range of different genres as I am into a little bit of everything and hopefully you guys will find an awesome TV show that you really like 😉

  1. Vampire Diaries : Vampire Diaries is a fictional Tv show about Vampires, Werewolves, Doppelgangers, Hybrids, Witches and more. Its absolutely amazing and I LOVE it!!
  2. Super Natural : Super Natural is a thriller TV shows. It follows to brothers across the country as they fight evil spirits, demons and much more.
  3. Gossip Girl : A show about a bunch of rich spoilt kids who struggle to all get along. P.S. its amazing!!!
  4. Teen Wolf : Sort of like Vampire Diaries there are werewolves, werewolf hunters… well you can see where it might go pear shaped.
  5. Heroes :  This TV show is about random people around the world who all have special abilities. They unite together in order to save the world from its end.

So thats it guys i hope you found some of these TV shows helpful and will enjoy them. Say in the comments if you watched them and if you liked them or not!!!

➵Lushes Life xxx


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